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New Full SSN Search

Do you need full Social Security numbers? IRBfocus has you covered! The new SSN Search makes millions of Socials available. Run a search and when you see the Full SSN icon ( ), simply click it to reveal the full SSN.

You'll have to flip a coin to choose the best part of this new search. Heads? The new SSN Search is only a quarter! Get a full SSN for only $0.25. Tails? IRB understands how investigative professionals work. Access to this search is not limited by your office space. Get the information you need without restrictions!

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Get your ducks in a...well, you know

IRBfocus will change the way you do business.
With more than a decade of stability and top-notch searching
capabilities, the new PDF version of the Comprehensive Report is
just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the newest improvement:
the interactive table of contents and a
quick look, front-page summary

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Main Features


The new IRBfocus is easier to use and navigate. It works on every device, everywhere. Searches and reports are color-coded for ease and understanding. Take a look and see for yourself!

Administrative Features

Receive usage reports, view invoices, and pay your bill directly from IRBfocus. The new admin side of IRBfocus gives you unlimited customization for your account and business.

Drag & Drop

IRBfocus puts you in the driver's seat with its advanced drag and drop feature. Take any criteria point from a result set and simply drag and drop it with other criteria points to craft your next search.

Saved Searches & Reports

IRBfocus allows you to save your Searches and Reports for 90 days, that's three time longer than any other data provider. Don't waste time or money for data that expires before you close the case.

New Searches

IRBfocus is continuously updating its offerings. We understand the industry and are listening for your needs — we'll be rolling out new searches throughout the year!


Advanced security gives you peace of mind with your IRBfocus account. A one-time use PIN is sent to you via text or email each and every time you login. IRBfocus protects you and your account data.

Get Connected!

The new Connections feature in the Focus platform gives you the opportunity to join other professionals in your industry to share jobs and experiences, meet colleagues and friends, and broaden your professional network. We know there are lots of options to link up professionally, but no other service has thousands of investigative professionals ready to connect. IRBfocus contains all the tools you need to close cases.

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Your Trusted Partner

In our business, having the right data is only part of the recipe for success. Knowing who to rely on and who can be trusted is another important component. IRBsearch has been a trusted partner for tens of thousands of investigators for more than a decade. With IRBfocus and Connections, we are adding to your toolbox to help you close your case. If you don't have an IRBfocus account, click here to request one. Start connecting now!

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