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Advanced Person Search Plus

The Most Advanced Person Search is Getting Even Better!

We’re adding additional features at no extra cost to our clients.

You’ve asked and we’re answering. Due to popular demand, two of the most requested features are being added to our Advanced Person Search Plus:

  • Relative Relationships – Our relatives will now show their possible relationship to your subject, rather than just the degree of separation.
  • Phone Scoring – Our phones section will now display a star rating to show the quality of relationship they have to your target.
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Phone Finer Search

Find your target with IRBsearch's NEW Phone Finder Ultimate Search!

The Most Robust and Powerful Phone Search Ever Built.

IRBsearch’s NEW Phone Finder Ultimate Search combines robust phone data with the industry’s largest repository of identity information. Phone Finder Ultimate combines 1,500 proprietary identity and phone sources with advanced scoring technology, as well as insight to online activity and reputation information for millions of phone numbers.

  • Conduct reverse phone lookups
  • Identify your target’s phone and contact info
  • Review phone history
  • Strengthen fraud detection and investigations

Proprietary sources include approximately 80 percent of cell phones, with a 98 percent hit rate. The data includes National Porting Content, VOIPS, prepaid, spoofing, and the ability to view One Time Password (OTP) data.

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IRBsearch & CROSStrax

IRBsearch & CROSStrax: Investigative Synergy

We’re teaming up to bring you a premier investigative tool

The best all-in-one investigative tool is here. CROSStrax's Investigative Case Management software has incorporated IRBsearch’s Skip Tracing Search platform into their application. Both platforms were designed by investigators for investigators. We are keenly aware of what the industry needs in investigation case management software and take great pride in solving industry problems relative to technology.

Try it today by signing up for your free IRBsearch and CROSStrax trials!

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20th Anniversary

It’s Our 20th Anniversary!

For 20 years, IRBsearch has been the cornerstone of investigative data. When our founders started IRB, they were determined to provide the best data on the market. Their roots in investigations and big data led to top-level advancement of online research.

We are constantly evolving and adding new searches, reports and services to meet the needs of investigators. Stay tuned for information on new product launches!

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Investigators Toolbox

IRBsearch Announces Partnership with the Investigators Toolbox

We are proud to be a part of the launch and resources for the new online community and information center, the Investigators Toolbox. The Toolbox is the future of investigative learning, networking and resource management, build exclusively for private investigators. Industry experts and companies have come together to support investigators through the initiative - and provide steep discounts! Visit the Toolbox website to find out how you can access its many resources.

Visit Investigators Toolbox
Search Monitoring

New 24/7 Search Monitoring Alerts

Immediate notifications for updated addresses and phone numbers

We’ve expanded our popular Watchdog Service! In addition to Arrest and Incarceration notifications, you can now receive alerts when your target has an updated address and/or phone number. Simply run an Advanced Person Search Plus on your subject and set how frequently you’d like to check for updates – daily, weekly, or monthly.

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Commonality Search

New Commonality Search Launched

Trying to find in-depth relationship info? Working on jury research?

The NEW IRBsearch Commonality Search is the fastest, most cost-effective way to identify relationships between up to eight persons and/or businesses! This search is different from a typical relationship search that shows one person’s relationships. It allows you to discover overlapping relationships between multiple individuals and businesses. Uncover multiple degrees of connections as well as the specifics of their relationships. Here are just a few ways to use it:

  • Validate and reveal relationships
  • Expand investigations
  • Isolate collusion and fraud
  • Confirm vendor independence
  • Strengthen compliance
  • Identify juror connections
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Social Media

More Social Media Data Added…Again.

Remember when we added 200 million social media records to the Social Media Search recently? Well, we just added MORE! 90 million new social profiles, updated career data for 150 million profiles and 30 million phone numbers are at your fingertips.

Still using IRBclassic? Upgrade for FREE to IRBsearch to access the new phone data. IRBsearch features lower monthly and transactional pricing while giving you access to more data. Upgrade to IRBsearch today!

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Motor Vehicles

Enhanced Motor Vehicle Data

Our Motor Vehicle Searches, both the original search and real-time search, are some of our most frequently run searches. To keep bringing our clients more data, we’ve recently enhanced our motor vehicle data! Customers now have access to expanded data from more than 40 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Still using IRBclassic? Upgrade for FREE to IRBsearch to access the new phone data. IRBsearch features lower monthly and transactional pricing while giving you access to more data. Upgrade to IRBsearch today!

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Social Media

New Social Media Data Added!

Find everything from new behaviors and job changes to family & friends.

We just added 200 million new social media records! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, Tumblr, WhatsApp and so much more – we have the data you need to find and monitor your subject. Data includes access to 3 billion online identities cross-referenced and built from over 25 billion identity records. New records include:

  • 55 million new phone numbers
  • 35 million new email addresses
  • 110 million new or updated employment records

Still using IRBclassic? Upgrade for FREE to IRBsearch to access the new phone data. IRBsearch features lower monthly and transactional pricing while giving you access to more data. Upgrade to IRBsearch today!

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Phone Data

Get More Phone Data!

IRBsearch now has more phone contacts!

We continue to make investments in data quality so you have the best background information available on the market. Our latest data enhancement includes more phone contacts, only available in IRBsearch.

The new enhanced phone data is accessible in the following searches and reports:

  • Advanced Person Search Plus
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Contact Plus

Still using IRBclassic? Upgrade for FREE to IRBsearch to access the new phone data. IRBsearch features lower monthly and transactional pricing while giving you access to more data. Upgrade to IRBsearch today!

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New Utilities Data!

Find your subject with our new Utilities-Only Search!

You’ve always had contact information available based on utility services such as gas/electric companies, water companies, phone carriers, cable providers, internet providers, wireline/wireless providers, but now you have access to it as a stand-alone search.

In our person searches, you may get many addresses for one person, including multiple properties, which can be extremely helpful. However, by breaking down your search into just utilities, you can find your subject’s most likely location by seeing where most of their services are hooked up, billing addresses compared to property addresses, etc.

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Usage Reports

Get Organized!

Create Client-Specific Usage Reports with IRBsearch

Looking for your IRBsearch search reference code? It’s easy!

You have the ability to set up free Usage Reports to see a breakdown of your searches and reports daily, weekly and monthly. You can also pull a usage report on-demand anytime via My Account. Never guess what you spent on a certain search, a particular client or per user. This is a great tool to help you monitor billing for clients and staff time allocation.

Sign up for your free Usage Reports today!

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Vehicle Sightings

Vehicle Sightings Price Reduced!

Locate vehicles nationwide using license plate recognition data

We've added License Plate Recognition (LPR) data to IRBsearch allowing users to conveniently access Vehicle Sightings through any search or report containing a physical address, license plate number or VIN. Search this massive database of over 9 billion nationwide vehicle sightings, with up to 160 million sightings added each month.

Vehicle Sightings gives you instant access to current and historical locations of vehicles across the United States. This innovative tool allows you to plot multiple sightings for the same vehicle on a single map to uncover the most likely locations of search subjects.

Vehicle Sightings within IRBsearch is an essential tool for permitted investigative applications and ONLY for use by an insurer or insurance support organization such as Private Investigators, in connection with claims investigation activities, anti-fraud activities, rating or underwriting.

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