• Get All the Details Here
  • Get All the Details Here
  • Take a closer look
  • Take a closer look
  • IRBsearch allows you to save your Searches and Reports for 90 days,
    that's three times longer than any other data provider. Don't waste
    your time or money for data that expires before you close the case.
    Save Longer with IRBfocus
  • The Watchdog Service has a new trick! With this new service you'll be able to monitor
    search results for any changes without even logging into IRBsearch! The Watchdog Service
    monitors searches for you, detects any updates, and shows you what's new.
    Get All the Details Here

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Signing up with IRBsearch is easy: start the application online, sign it online, and provide the necessary documentation in our online compliance center. After your account is vetted and the compliance process is complete, usually within 24 to 48 hours, you'll get access to federally-protected data. IRBsearch is your supersonic path to stellar data!

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Get Started Today!

Let IRBsearch make a difference in your business. Take advantage of our absolutely free trial and start your application now! Fill out a short application online and our friendly sales team will get you started with the best background information database available.

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IRB Offers:

  • Over 85 billion records expertly linked
  • Accurate data, updated daily
  • No restrictions on your office space; work where you get the job done
  • Custom price plans that work for your business
  • Completely free, personalized training and workshops
  • Simple design and function make searching efficient
  • More than 40 searches that investigative professionals need for skip tracing and background verification

IRB has the best data in the industry. Contact us to customize a pricing plan to make our service make sense for your business.