Build and strengthen your cases with exceptional data

From solo practitioners to nationwide law firms, when legal professionals need deep, high-quality data for their case, they turn to IRBsearch. Leveraging an advanced data repository of more than 11 million sources and 65 billion records, IRB helps to find accurate, actionable results.

Let IRBsearch’s Proprietary Linking Technology Help You:

  • Research & Locate Witnesses
  • Vet Witness Credibility
  • Track Assets
  • Uncover Personal & Business Debts
  • Discover Fraud & Previous Cases
  • Locate News Articles & Social Media Profiles
  • Conduct Due Diligence
  • Confirm Alibis

Your IRBsearch account has no strings and long-term contracts are not required, so IRBsearch is an infinitely scalable solution with pricing options for firms of all sizes. In addition, the customization of IRBsearch allows you to control individual access down to the searches they have access to and how much they have spent. It's never been easier to find the information you need.

Key Features for IRBsearch:

  • Substantial repository of current and historical records linking people, businesses, assets, and court records
  • Proprietary linking algorithms to identify relatives, neighbors, and close associates
  • Professional, customizable reports in PDF, Word, and Excel formats
  • Multiple views to access the data
  • Easy-to-use, fully customizable administrative features

Top Searches and Reports for LEGAL PROFESSIONALS

  • Advanced Person Search Plus
  • Commonality Search
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Business Search
  • Property Search
  • Asset Report
  • Due Diligence Report
  • People at Work
  • Workplace Locator

IRBsearch for Legal Professionals