IRBsearch Pricing Solutions

Whether you are looking for legal research tools, skip-tracing solutions or investigative and compliance solutions, IRBsearch has the products and pricing solutions to meet your business needs.

Searches & Reports Catalog

Transactional Pricing

This is the ideal solution for organizations with low search volumes.
  • Full access
  • Free customer support
  • Monthly minimum fee
  • No limit on searches or reports
Searches & Reports Catalog

Per Seat Pricing

Provides deep discounts based on a fixed amount of users (seats).
  • Pricing plans range from 1-30+ seats
  • Full scalability - add seats as needed
  • Great for companies with moderate search volumes
Searches & Reports Catalog

Flat Rate Pricing

Lock in reduced pricing based on a minimum volume of transactions.
  • Packages available ranging from 500 to 100,000+ minimum transactions/month
  • Enjoy price reductions based on your specific search volume