Find the specific information you need... fast!

IRBsearch gives investigative professionals access to more than forty individual searches and reports to find the information they need. Each search fits under six main categories: People, Assets, Businesses, Courts, Licenses, and Phones. Coverage for IRB’s information stretches across fifty states and all US territories. Within IRBsearch, each search and report displays a coverage map detailing the information provided. All searches and reports are saved for 90 days and are exportable as a PDF, Word Document, or Excel Spreadsheet.

People Searches

Finding someone has never been easier. Use broad information, like an address or specific criteria, and receive possible record matches.

  • Advanced Person Search Plus
  • InstantID Search
  • People at Work Search
  • Commonality Search
  • InstantID with FraudDefender Search
  • People in the News (NEW)
  • Contact Plus Search
  • Marriage & Divorce Search
  • Social Media Search
  • Death Record Search
  • Negative News (NEW)
  • Utilities Search
  • Email Search
  • Patriot Act Search (NEW)
  • Voter Registration Search (NEW)

Business Searches

Businesses from the smallest LLC to the largest corporation are available for your research needs. Uncover information that helps your due diligence bottom line.

  • Business Search
  • Business InstantID Search
  • Corporate Filing Search
  • Business in the News (NEW) (NEW)
  • Business InstantID w/ FraudDefender
  • UCC Search

Phone Searches

Track down landlines and cell phones with all of IRB's phone searches. With more phones linked to more people, IRB has the information your clients need.

  • Phones Finder Ultimate Search (NEW)
  • Phones Plus Search

Asset Searches

Discover an individual or business' assets with the full offering of asset searches. Our records provide info on motor vehicles, property, air craft, vessels, and more.

  • Motor Vehicle Search
  • Real-Time Motor Vehicle Search
  • Watercraft Search
  • Property Search
  • Vehicle Sightings

Court Searches

Court records and arrest and incarceration information is available in nearly every state. Obtain records not available to the general public.

  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Foreclosure Search
  • Lien & Judgment Search
  • Civil Court Search
  • Full Arrest & Incarceration
  • Sexual Offender Search
  • Criminal Searchh

License Searches

Learn about driving records, professional licensure, state licenses, and more for the individuals you are researching.

  • Drivers License Search
  • Hunting & Fishing License Search
  • Professional License Search


Get all your information in an easy-to-read report. With our data collection tools, three comprehensive reports including person, address, and business, make up a 360-degree profile of your subject.

  • Address Report
  • Comp Report w/ Real-Time MV
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Asset Report
  • Contact Card Report
  • Neighbor Report
  • Bankruptcy Report
  • Criminal Report
  • Relative Graph (NEW)
  • Business Report
  • Due Diligence Report
  • Relative Report
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Lien & Judgment Report
  • Workplace Locator Report