IRBsearch Due Diligence Report

Instantly identify hidden risks with Due Diligence!

IRBsearch’s new Due Diligence Report introduces an innovative approach to identifying customer risk associated with money laundering, terrorist financing, and financial crime. This report utilizes cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive data analysis to provide valuable insights and minimize the potential for financial risks.


A key feature of the Due Diligence Report is its ability to generate clear and concise risk assessments in a user-friendly format. The report provides comprehensive summaries and visualizations of the findings, making it easy to locate critical information during your due diligence investigations.

IRBsearch Dark Mode

Flip the switch. Go Dark Mode!

Introducing IRBsearch's new dark mode feature - a game-changer for users who prefer a sleek and visually comfortable interface. With the increasing popularity of dark mode across various applications and websites, IRBsearch has implemented this new feature to enhance user experience and productivity.

One of the key benefits of dark mode is reduced eye strain. The dark background and low contrast colors provide a more calming and comfortable viewing experience, especially during extended periods of use. By minimizing the amount of light emitted from the screen, dark mode helps users maintain focus while avoiding discomfort from prolonged light exposure.

In addition to offering a more pleasant visual experience, dark mode also helps conserve battery life!

Another advantage of dark mode is its potential to reduce screen glare, especially in low-light environments. When working in a dimly lit space, dark mode minimizes the amount of light reflected from your screen, making it easier to read.

Overall, with its numerous advantages, IRBsearch's dark mode feature is designed to enhance your user experience. Whether you’re conducting research or performing due diligence, dark mode offers a visually appealing and efficient way to interact with the IRB platform.

IRBsearch Vehicle Sightings

A Complete Solution for Investigations!

IRBsearch Vehicle Sightings offers new features which empower deep-dive analysis of a vehicle's location to investigate and prevent fraud. Vehicle Sighting Search places all sightings of a vehicle on conventional and satellite maps and provides full vehicle location data for any date.

  • Vehicle Sightings Search – Map all sightings of a vehicle on conventional and satellite maps. See all vehicle location data for any date or range.
  • Location Scoring – See locations where a vehicle is most commonly sighted along with location type, time-of-day and day-of-week.
  • Vehicle Monitoring – Get notifications when you set up target vehicles for monitoring and new sightings become available.
  • New User Interface – The revamped UI aims to enhance the overall user experience, allowing individuals to navigate through the application seamlessly and access the rich features and functionalities more efficiently.

IRBsearch NMVTIS Report

IRBsearch has added a new Vehicle History Report!

We’ve launched a new National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) report. This vehicle history report contains information on title transfers, salvage records, possible accidents, estimated value, and much more!

  • Information from participating state motor vehicle titling agencies.
  • Information on automobiles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, motor homes, and tractors. NMVTIS may not currently include commercial vehicles if those vehicles are not included in a state's primary database for title records (in some states, those vehicles are managed by a separate state agency), although these records may be added at a later time.
  • Information on "brands" applied to vehicles provided by participating state motor vehicle titling agencies. Brand types and definitions vary by state, but may provide useful information about the condition or prior use of the vehicle.
  • Most recent odometer reading in the state's title record.
  • Information from insurance companies, and auto recyclers, including junk and salvage yards, that is required by law to be reported to the system, beginning March 31, 2009. This information will include if the vehicle was determined to be a "total loss" by an insurance carrier.
  • Information from junk and salvage yards receiving a "cash for clunker" vehicle traded-in under the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act of 2009 (CARS) Program.

IRBsearch Advanced Person Search Plus

The Most Advanced Person Search is Getting Even Better!

We’re adding additional features at no extra cost to our clients.

You’ve asked and we’re answering. Due to popular demand, two of the most requested features are being added to our Advanced Person Search Plus:

  • Relative Relationships – Our relatives will now show their possible relationship to your subject, rather than just the degree of separation.
  • Phone Scoring – Our phones section will now display a star rating to show the quality of relationship they have to your target.

IRBsearch Phone Finder Ultimate Search

Find your target with IRBsearch's NEW Phone Finder Ultimate Search!

The Most Robust and Powerful Phone Search Ever Built.

IRBsearch’s NEW Phone Finder Ultimate Search combines robust phone data with the industry’s largest repository of identity information. Phone Finder Ultimate combines 1,500 proprietary identity and phone sources with advanced scoring technology, as well as insight to online activity and reputation information for millions of phone numbers.

  • Conduct reverse phone lookups
  • Identify your target’s phone and contact info
  • Review phone history
  • Strengthen fraud detection and investigations

Proprietary sources include approximately 80 percent of cell phones, with a 98 percent hit rate. The data includes National Porting Content, VOIPS, prepaid, spoofing, and the ability to view One Time Password (OTP) data.

IRBsearch and CROSStrax

IRBsearch & CROSStrax: Investigative Synergy

We’re teaming up to bring you a premier investigative tool.

The best all-in-one investigative tool is here. CROSStrax's Investigative Case Management software has incorporated IRBsearch’s Skip Tracing Search platform into their application. Both platforms were designed by investigators for investigators. We are keenly aware of what the industry needs in investigation case management software and take great pride in solving industry problems relative to technology.

Try it today by signing up for your free IRBsearch and CROSStrax trials!

IRBsearch and Investigators Toolbox

IRBsearch Announces Partnership with the Investigators Toolbox

We are proud to be a part of the launch and resources for the new online community and information center, the Investigators Toolbox. The Toolbox is the future of investigative learning, networking and resource management, build exclusively for private investigators. Industry experts and companies have come together to support investigators through the initiative - and provide steep discounts! Visit the Toolbox website to find out how you can access its many resources.

IRBsearch Watchdog Search Monitoring Alerts

New 24/7 Search Monitoring Alerts

Immediate notifications for updated addresses and phone numbers

We’ve expanded our popular Watchdog Service! In addition to Arrest and Incarceration notifications, you can now receive alerts when your target has an updated address and/or phone number. Simply run an Advanced Person Search Plus on your subject and set how frequently you’d like to check for updates – daily, weekly, or monthly.