Uncover the details you need to locate your target

Serving of Process is a necessary part of our legal system. The responsibilities of Process Servers are heavy — and they need up-to-date, reliable information in order to run a successful business. After over two decades of partnering with Process Servers, IRB has designed its offerings with the specific needs of serving. IRBsearch’s extensive database is an essential tool for process servers and helps ensure a more efficient workflow.

Up-to-date information means process servers can find the current address or employer for their serve right away. Time is important, so IRB allows process servers to uncover the details that they need to locate the right subject, right away. Using IRB ensures you always knock on the right door.

Top Searches and Reports for PROCESS SERVERS

  • Advanced Person Search Plus
  • Phone Finder Ultimate Search
  • Phone Plus
  • People at Work
  • Workplace Locator
  • Relative Report
  • Address Report
  • Motor Vehicle Search
  • Real-Time Motor Vehicle Search
IRBsearch for Process Servers